Yoga Vouchers

Yoga Gift Vouchers for 1 to 1 Classes With Laurent..


Yoga is probably the most original gift that you can offer to a loved one, a friend or someone from your family...

Yoga is perfect and fun  to give someone for birthdays, Christmas, special occasions or just because you love to see the smile on someones face after an uplifting and relaxing yoga class with me.

These vouchers allow you to practice Yoga  in the comfort of your own home with the advantages of a private class..

How To Buy A Yoga Gift Voucher

Choose your preferred method of payment:

  • By paypal or

  • Cash on the day of the class.

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Before The Class

As soon as the payment has been made and you received the gift vouchers, I will need an email  confirmation of the address, the date and time of the class by the student or the person who purchased the voucher.

I will also need to know if the student has any health issues, injuries or ailment which I will need to take in consideration during the class..


The Vouchers


My Yoga gift  voucher is presented on a traditional glossy postcard and given away in a brown envelop. Both made in 100% recycled paper.

The voucher entitles you for 75 or  90 minutes long classes in your own home. A discount will apply if you buy more than 1 class.

I  can send the voucher by post ( 1st class) . If you need it as a recorded  letter please email  and you will be noticed of the extra charge (usually around £2.50).


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